As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, social responsibility and sustainable business, we are constantly working on optimizing the carbon footprint of our company. With the goal of not only becoming climate-neutral, but making a positive contribution to the climate, our administration is on track to succeed. At the same time, we are forging ahead with successively minimizing the CO2 emissions of our flights. In line with the motto: “Compensation is good, prevention is better”, we use modern, efficient planes where we can, and prioritize climate-neutral companies. For example, the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) has already allowed us to reduce greenhouse gases by up to 80%, compared with conventional kerosine. In October 2021, the world’s first facility for the production of carbon-neutral kerosine (e-kerosine), which is specially designed for use in airplanes, opened in Germany. Airplane manufacturers expect that it will be possible for commercial planes to be powered entirely by sustainable fuels by 2030.

It goes without saying that we also invite our customers to get involved. Gold-standard certifications (Atmosfair/myclimate) are a great way to voluntarily offset unavoidable private or commercial greenhouse gas emissions. These certifications can offset the quantity of CO2 emitted by a specific flight by supporting climate protection projects.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions on the topic of CO2. We are looking forward to your message.