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Private Jets to Paris Le Bourget

Paris Le Bourget is situated seven kilometres outside of Paris, and is Europe’s leading private jet hub. Its three runways are able to accommodate all common aircraft types and weight classes. The airport’s comprehensive services provide an exceptional level of flight safety and comfort, at all stages of travel.

Paris Le Bourget: An Airport Steeped in History

Paris Le Bourget Airport is one of three airports serving the French capital. Unlike Orly and Charles de Gaulle, Le Bourget is now used exclusively as Paris’ private jet airport. This was not always the case: until Orly airport was completed in the 1950s, to the south of the city, Le Bourget was Paris’ only airport, and its history stretches back even farther.

The airport opened for commercial operations in 1919 and became well known due to the flight pioneer Charles Lindbergh’s non-stop transatlantic flight in 1927 – the first in history. Having completed his 33 hour solo journey, Lindbergh landed his "Spirit of St. Louis" double decker aircraft at Paris Le Bourget and was greeted by a 200,000-strong crowd. In the early 1980s, the airport saw a change of direction; international air traffic had already ceased in 1977, and the domestic connections for scheduled flights followed soon after in 1980. Since then, the airport has only been available for charter flights to and from Paris.

In addition to aviation, Le Bourget is home to the Musée de l’air et de l’espace (Air and Space Museum), which opened shortly after the airport itself. It is the oldest museum of its kind and features numerous exhibits, including 300 aircraft, as well as a collection of rockets and spacecraft. Moreover, the Paris Aviation Show takes place on the airfield every two years in June.

Location of Paris Le Bourget

Distances from Le Bourget to:

  • Paris city centre: approx. 11 kilometres by car
  • La Défense business district: approx. 20 kilometres by car
  • Palace of Versailles: approx. 30 kilometres by car

Paris’ Private Jet Airport: Le Bourget

Of the three Parisian airports, Le Bourget is closest to the city centre. Apart from being close to the French capital, its location within Europe is also highly attractive. As a result, charter flights from Paris Le Bourget can reach a wide variety of destinations in very little time:

A charter flight from Paris Le Bourget to Geneva Cointrin (GVA) takes just under an hour. Being a mere four kilometres north of Geneva, the city centre can be reached very quickly from the airport. Zurich and the ski resorts of the Swiss Alps are also conveniently accessible by helicopter. The flight from Paris Le Bourget to Nice (NCE) takes a little over an hour. From the city on the Côte d’Azur, it is a mere 20 kilometres along the coast to Monaco – a short journey by helicopter. Flights from Paris Le Bourget to London Luton (LTN) by private jet last approximately an hour, and the English capital is only an hour and a half away by car, or 20 minutes with a helicopter. It also takes about an hour to reach Farnborough (FAB) – an ideal starting point for destinations on the south coast, such as Southampton and the Isle of Wight. Flights by private jet from Paris to Bordeaux (BOD) take just over an hour, and the city centre can be reached in 30 minutes by car.

With over 46,000 aircraft movements per year and 800 possible flight connections, Paris Le Bourget is Europe’s busiest airport for charter flights. Paris’ private jet airport has eight terminals and three runways, which enable the smooth and efficient handling of such a high concentration of charter flights. Thanks to the varying orientation of the runways, flights can also take off and land in different wind conditions. The length, width, and foundation of the runways can accommodate all common aircraft types:

Paris Le Bourget’s Runways

Runway Length and width Surface
03/21 2.665 m x 60 m Asphalt
07/25 3.000 m x 45 m Concrete
09/27 1.845 m x 45 m Asphalt

Paris Le Bourget Airport provides ample hangaring space for all types of aircraft.

Note: In order to minimise noise pollution for local residents, the use of reverse thrusters and take-offs of aircraft weighing over 5.7 tonnes between 10.15pm and 6am is prohibited. For small planes, however, landing is possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Flights by private jet to Paris Le Bourget can be carried out according to both the Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR), meaning the airport can operate even in bad weather conditions. In order to facilitate the most comfortable travel experience possible, there are six airport service providers on hand to offer 24 hour services to passengers, crew, and aircraft alike. These include:

  • VIP passenger lounges
  • Crew lounges
  • Conference rooms
  • Comprehensive luggage care
  • Parking facilities
  • Hangaring
  • Refuelling services
  • Aircraft cleaning

Paris LGB Airport also accommodates overnight stays, with two high-class hotels on the airport site, complete with exclusive spa and fitness centres. In addition, there are three restaurants and two cafeterias for passengers and crew to enjoy.

Transfers from Paris Le Bourget

In order to ensure the greatest possible comfort and convenience for Paris charter flights, the airport has a network of ten further airfields within the vicinity of Paris. For onward journeys via helicopter, the seven hectare Issy-les-Moulineaux heliport is available, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

Le Bourget has several car hire services, catering for a range of needs and specifications. Depending on traffic congestion, the journey to the city centre takes approximately 20 minutes. Alternatively, hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotel George V or the Shangri-La Hotel offer transfers to the airport, and taxi or limousine services are also possible.

Hire a Private Jet to Paris Le Bourget and Discover the Capital

Whether for business or pleasure, a charter flight to Paris is always well worth the journey. On top of the many iconic sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe, the French capital is home to a wealth of luxury hotels and Michelin starred restaurants. Furthermore, Paris is host to a variety of high-calibre events throughout the year. Besides the spring and autumn editions of Fashion Week, luxury fashion brands like Chanel, Dior, and Valentino present their most exclusive collections at haute couture shows every January.

Vintage car lovers ought to visit Paris in February to attend the Rétromobile vintage car show. Sporting events become a focus in the capital throughout May and June, including the French Open tennis tournament at Stade Roland Garros and the Open de France at Le Gold National. The latter is the oldest open golf championship in continental Europe, where amateurs are free to play alongside professionals.

Airport Facts

  • Airport code: LFPB / LBG
  • Surface area: 553 ha
  • Altitude: 66 m (217 ft) above MSL
  • Passengers per year: 121,015 (2016)
  • Aircraft types: all common aircraft and weight classes
  • Landing operating hours: 24/7
  • Take-off operating hours: 6am to 10.15pm
  • Runways: 3 (3,000 m; 2,665 m; 1,845 m

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