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Bratislava Airport is located 9 kilometres from the centre of the Slovakian capital. Its location in the tri-border region between Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary (both directly adjacent to Bratislava) offers travellers many advantages. Numerous destinations are within easy reach on a private jet from Bratislava, but the city itself is certainly worth a trip. Book your private flight to Bratislava with JetApp now!

Carpathian Aviation: The History of Bratislava Airport

Bratislava (BTS) Airport, or Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport, was built in the district of Ružinov between 1947 and 1951. The opening ceremony took place in 1951. Over the following decades, the airport underwent considerable expansions. In the 1980s, for example, the airport’s runways were extended and, in 1994, a second terminal was opened. Originally, Bratislava was served by Varjorny Airport. Owing to the airport’s small size and limited grounds, city planners realised the airport would not be able to cope with the increasing volume of flights to the region and, after putting plans in place to expand Bratislava Airport, closed Varjnory down in 2007. In the course of Slovakia’s accession to the EU, further reconstruction work was carried out at the airport.

In 2005, Bratislava Airport was to be privatised - the Austrian consortium TwoOne, which included Vienna’s Schwechat Airport, among others, was due to take over management of the airport. After a change of government, however, disagreements came to light in 2006 and the sale did not take place. The last part of Terminal A, newly built in 2008, was opened in 2012 and is one of the largest investments in the infrastructure of Slovakia.

Bratislava Airport’s Location

Distances from Bratislava Airport to:

  • Bratislava city centre: approx. 9 kilometres by car
  • Devín Carpathians: approx. 23 kilometres by car
  • Vienna International Airport: approx. 55 kilometres by car

Charter Flights from Bratislava: Easy-to-Reach Destinations

For private jet passengers, a General Aviation Terminal (GAT) is available at Bratislava Airport, where passengers can check in separately and enjoy any pre-flight wait in the terminal’s private lounges. The following destinations can be reached very quickly from Bratislava (BTS) Airport:

  • Bratislava ✈ Prague (LKPR / PRG): approx. 51 minutes
  • Bratislava ✈ Poprad-Tatry (LZTT/TAT): approx. 47 minutes
  • Bratislava ✈ Nice (LFMN / NCE): approx. 1 hour 35 minutes
  • Bratislava ✈ Košice (LKZK/KSC): approx. 51 minutes
  • Bratislava ✈ Zadar (LDZD/ZAD): approx. 1 hour 3 minutes

A charter flight from Bratislava to Prague (PRG) takes less than an hour. In the Czech capital, visitors can take in the majestic Vltava River, tour the Charles Bridge, and get lost in the Franz Kafka Museum. A flight on a business jet from Bratislava to Poprad-Tatry (TAT) takes three and a half hours. Just beyond Poprad and its beautiful historic old town rises the High Tatras mountain range. A flight to Nice (NCE) on the Côte d'Azur from Bratislava will take you around an hour and a half. From there, you can fly to Monaco by helicopter in a mere 20 minutes. The flight time to Košice (KSC) is less than an hour, whilst a private jet from Bratislava to the coastal town of Zadar (ZAD) takes just under an hour. The Croatian seaport on the Adriatic Sea boasts a very impressive old town with many churches and an archbishops' palace.

Arriving for a charter flight from Bratislava, you can check in discreetly and quickly at the General Aviation Terminal of Bratislava BTS. In the business or VIP lounges, the airport’s staff will make your stay as pleasant as possible. The following exclusive services await you at Bratislava Airport:

  • Separate check-in
  • VIP lounge
  • Business lounge
  • Catering
  • Flying with pets
  • Hotels worldwide
  • Limousine transportation
  • Helicopter service

More than 1.7 million passengers are handled every year at Bratislava Airport and more than 25,000 flight movements are recorded. Since there is no night time flight ban, private jets can take off and arrive at any time in Bratislava. The airport can be approached according to both Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR). The two runways provide capacity for all current types of aircraft and weight classes.

Runway Length and width Surface
13/31 3,190 m x 45 m Concrete
04/22 2,900 m x 60 m Concrete

Transfers to and from Bratislava Airport

If chartering a plane to Bratislava, there are various transfer options available for both journeys to and from the airport. On request, the staff at Bratislava Airport can call a taxi or order a limousine. If you’re really in a hurry, a helicopter transfer is also available. By helicopter, passengers can reach Vienna in only 20 minutes.

Private Jet Charter to Bratislava: Visit the Capital of Slovakia

Charter a flight to Bratislava and delve into the city’s varied and exciting history! Visitors to the city’s Old Town will encounter many beautifully preserved historic buildings. Beyond the old town, Bratislava Castle and the Slovak National Museum and the ruins of Devín Castle are worth a visit. In the countryside around the city, there are many beautiful forests and breath-taking hikes.

Bratislava is also the cultural capital of Slovakia. The city is home to numerous events and festivals and the Slovak National Theatre. Classical music has played an important role in the capital since the 18th century - Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Liszt, and Bartók all performed in Bratislava and every year the city hosts the Bratislava Music Festival, the Bratislava Jazz Days and the Wilsonic Festival. Film aficionados will enjoy the annual International Film Festival.

With its lively culture and lengthy history, Bratislava has a great deal to offer and is surely worth a visit. Book your private jet charter to Bratislava online now at JetApp!

Airport Facts

  • Airport code: LZIB / BTS
  • Surface area: 477 ha
  • Altitude: 133 m (436 ft) above MSL
  • Passengers per year: 1,756,808 (2016)
  • Aircraft movements per year: 25,690 (2016)
  • Aircraft types: all common aircraft and weight classes
  • Runway operating hours: 24/7
  • Runways: 2 (3,190 m; 2,900 m)

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