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Hire a Private Jet at Luleå Airport

Whether for leisure or business, private plane hire to Luleå Airport at the northernmost point of the Baltic Sea makes for a comfortable, nonstop journey to an area of boundless natural beauty. As the largest airport in northern Sweden, Luleå Airport is also an excellent starting point for flights to numerous destinations in Scandinavia and northern Europe. When you hire a private plane from Luleå Airport, you’ll enjoy exclusive service and amenities such as VIP lounges and conference rooms. Book a flight to Luleå online with JetApp and begin your Scandinavian adventure.

Luleå Airport History

Today, Luleå Airport is used as a civilian, cargo, and military airport. The airport first opened to civilian aircraft in 1944, whereas its use by the Norrbotten Air Force began some years earlier. The first non-military airplane landing at Luleå was by none other than the famous Swedish pilot Carl Gustaf von Rosen.

In its first years, the airport lacked the equipment for winter weather conditions so was only used in summer. That changed in 1948 and flights have since been offered year round. Charter flights from Luleå to popular resorts such as Mallorca and the Canary Islands began as early as 1969. Over time, the airport underwent various improvements and renovations; the main terminal, which is still used today, opened in 1984. The runway was also extended and in 1991, the airport first reached the million passenger mark. Today the airport receives about 1.2 million passengers on over 9,000 flight movements annually.

Luleå Airport (LLA) Location

Distances from LLA Airport to:

  • Luleå city centre: approx. 9 kilometres by car
  • Luleå Cathedral: approx. 8 kilometres by car
  • Gammelstad Old Town: approx. 14 kilometres by car
  • Luleå University of Technology: approx. 15 kilometres by car

Private Jet from Luleå Airport: Popular Outbound Destinations

Private flights from Luleå Airport are the most convenient and comfortable means of reaching a number of Scandinavian and European destinations, particularly in remote regions where ground and commercial airline connections are limited. The following airports are all less than a two hour flight:

  • Luleå ✈ Umeå (ESNU / UME): approx. 45 minutes
  • Luleå ✈ Pajala (ESUP / PJA): approx. 43 minutes
  • Luleå ✈ Gällivare (ESNG / GEV): approx. 43 minutes
  • Luleå ✈ Kiruna (ESNQ / KRN): approx. 48 minutes
  • Luleå ✈ Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA / ARN): approx. 1 hour 18 minutes

A charter flight from Luleå to Umeå (UME) is an easy 45 minutes to the south. The largest city in Norrland, Umeå served as a European City of Culture in 2014. A similar flight time to the north will see you to Pajala (PJA) on the Finnish border or to Gällivare (GEV), a popular winter sports area which includes the Dundret Ski Resort. A 48 minute Luleå flight will take you to Kiruna (KRN), Sweden’s northernmost airport. Every winter in the nearby village of Jukkasjärvi, the construction of the world’s largest ice hotel takes place, resulting in a structure made from snow and ice with space for 140 overnight guests. The most frequent destination for business flights from Luleå Airport is Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), which is under an hour and a half. The airport is located approximately 37 miles from the city centre of the Swedish capital.

When you charter a private jet from Luleå Airport, you can enjoy exclusive services, including private check-in and security separate from those serving commercial airline passengers. If you have time before departure or after your flight to Luleå Airport, VIP and meeting rooms are available as is individual VIP assistance upon request. Services on offer at Luleå Airport include:

  • Separate check-in
  • VIP assistance
  • VIP lounge
  • Conference rooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • Catering
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Limousine service
  • Helicopter service

Your private or business jet at Luleå Airport can take off or land anytime between 7.30am and 11pm on weekdays. The airport can be navigated by both Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR). The asphalt runway is suitable for all types and weight classes of aircraft:

Runway Length and width Surface
14/32 3,350 m x 45 m Asphalt

Transfers to and from Luleå Airport

Luleå Airport is an easy 12 minutes into Luleå’s city centre by car. Transport options include taxi, hire car, and limousine service. If connecting to a more remote area in Norrland or neighbouring Finland, transfer by helicopter is also possible.

Discover Sweden’s Magical North with Private Jet Hire to Luleå Airport

Northern Sweden isn’t on every airline’s list of destinations and getting there often includes at least one change of planes in Stockholm or Gothenburg, so hiring a private jet to Luleå Airport represents one of the only nonstop options if travelling from elsewhere. The flexibility of schedules means that a business flight to Luleå needn’t involve time spent waiting in long airport queues or crowded waiting rooms.

The blast furnace, steel mill, and rolling mill of SSAB Steelworks dominate the city’s heavy industrial scene, whereas Facebook’s three server buildings operate entirely from renewable energy sources. One of the factors that played a role in Luleå’s selection as Facebook’s server site was its naturally cool climate, meaning less energy needs to be expended to keep the servers at their optimal temperature. Scandinavia’s northernmost university of technology, Luleå University of Technology, has contributed to Luleå’s growing reputation in the IT industry.

Unusually, its historic city centre is located outside of Luleå in the town of Gammelstad. Receding glaciers caused the waters in the original port to be too shallow for ships, so the town was relocated some kilometres to the southeast in 1649. Gammelstad’s old town and its 14th century stone church have now been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The new town’s cathedral was built in 1893 in a neo-Gothic style. Other cultural attractions include the Norrbotten Theatre and Norrbotten Museum.

A charter flight to Luleå makes for a convenient and comfortable journey to this fascinating region of Scandinavia. Book your private or business flight to or from Luleå Airport easily online with JetApp and enjoy exclusive service.

Airport Facts

  • Airport code: ESPA / LLA
  • Altitude: 20 m (66 ft) above MSL
  • Passengers per year: 1,197,014 (2016)
  • Aircraft movements per year: 9,399 (2016)
  • Aircraft types: all common aircraft and weight classes
  • Runway operating hours: Mon–Fri 7.30am to 11pm, Sat 9am to 1pm, Sun 1pm–11pm
  • Runways: 1 (3,350 m)

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